Fleet Repair

At Image Auto Body we’ve been in the Fleet collison and maintenance for more than 26 ongoing years.  We are capable of doing full frame straightening, panel replacement, aluminum repair and welding, mechanical service, to all makes: Freightliner, Utili Master, Grumman, Isuzu, Ford, Chevy, GM, Dodge, and Mercedes trucks.  Our Fleet service offers our clients free pick up and delivering of the vehicle within local regions, towing reservations,  estimating, consoltation, and vehicle washing before delivering.   Depending on situation with some clients we are also capable of doing repairs on location to accomadate vehicle down time.   Some of our clients we have been servicing through our 26 years are commercial companies ranging from Fed Ex, DHL, and Frito Lays.  Here at Image Auto Body we are capable and equiped and trained to meet your needs as a Fleet collision and service shop.

Image Autobody